Why do lithium-iron batteries require high-quality iron disulfide



Firstly, we need to know what lithium iron batteries are. Lithium iron batteries, also known as lithium iron disulfide batteries, are a new type of high-energy lithium battery with characteristics such as light weight, high energy, and strong high current discharge capacity. Stable discharge, long storage life, excellent safety performance, especially suitable for use in heavy load situations, has gradually become the best power source for portable electronic products.

Due to the high precision requirements of lithium-iron batteries, there are strict requirements for raw material selection and manual operation. The use of substandard materials, substandard raw materials, or human error can lead to or increase the scrap rate.

And the precision iron disulfide we produce has a pass rate of 98.6% for 325 mesh and 96.3% for 400 mesh. Using high-precision materials to reduce the problem of lithium iron battery waste caused by substandard raw materials. At the same time, fine iron disulfide can significantly reduce the open circuit voltage and internal resistance of the battery, while the discharge platform and high current discharge performance of the battery can be improved to a certain extent.

High precision iron disulfide materials are strictly controlled in the production process, and their moisture and impurities are strictly required. Batteries made of high-precision iron disulfide have good discharge performance at low current after high-temperature storage, and there will be no discharge interruption phenomenon.

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