What are the 6 industrial uses of pyrite?



Pyrite, also known as pyrite or chercite, is a common sulfide mineral that has many important uses in industry. From metal recycling to decorative flooring, pyrite has a wide range of applications.

Pyrite for resin grinding wheels
Pyrite plays a key role in the manufacture of resin grinding wheels. Resin grinding wheel is an important grinding tool widely used in metal processing and other industries. Pyrite's hardness and wear resistance make it one of the ideal raw materials for manufacturing high-performance grinding wheels.

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Pyrite blocks for foundry workshops
In foundries, lumps of pyrite are used for a variety of purposes, including as fuel and reducing agent. It plays an important role in these applications, helping to produce high-quality castings and alloys.

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Pyrite powder for metal (copper and lead) recycling industry
Pyrite fines play a key role in the metal recycling industry. During the smelting process, pyrite fines are used as an important part of the flotation of ores, helping to extract and recover metals, particularly copper and lead.

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Phosphorus iron
Pyrite is also used to produce ferrophosphate, an important raw material for phosphate fertilizers. Phosphorus and iron play a vital role in agriculture, helping to increase crop growth and yield.

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Pyrite lumps for free-machining steel
In the metalworking industry, the production of free-machining steel requires high-quality raw materials. Pyrite lumps are an important component of free-machining steel production due to their specific chemical and physical properties.

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Pyrite sand for decorative floors
Finally, pyrite is widely used in the manufacture of decorative flooring. Its wear resistance and aesthetic appearance make it one of the most popular choices among flooring materials.

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To sum up, pyrite has a variety of important uses in industry, covering many industry fields. Its hardness, wear resistance and chemical properties make it an indispensable raw material in many industrial processes, while also providing important support to the metal recycling and smelting industries.