Introduction to Chemical and Physical Information of Iron Pyrite



Introduction to Chemical and Physical Information of Ferrous Sulfide Ferrous sulfide is a compound composed of two elements: sulfur and iron. It is a dark brown or black block like crystal or particle with a metallic luster. It is insoluble in ammonia, not easily soluble in water, and easily soluble in dilute acids, releasing toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.

In humid air, ferrous sulfide is oxidized into iron tetroxide and sulfur. In its crystal structure, sulfur atoms are the most densely packed hexagonal structure, while iron atoms are octahedral structures surrounded by six sulfur atoms located at the top corner. Sulfur atoms are surrounded by six iron atoms located at the top corner of a triangular prism. The coordination number of iron and sulfur atoms is 6, and the atomic number ratio is 1:1.

Ferrous sulfide can be obtained by adding alkaline sulfides to bivalent iron salts. After mixing iron filings and sulfur powder in industry, they are collected through high-temperature reaction in a high vacuum quartz sealed tube. The laboratory mainly produces hydrogen sulfide gas as an analytical reagent. Used in industry to make ceramics, paints, and pigments. Use it to make other ferrous salts. At high temperatures, ferrous sulfide can be reduced by carbon or metallic manganese to form elemental iron.

Dissolving ferrous sulfide in oxidizing acids to form trivalent iron salts and sulfur, sulfur dioxide, or sulfuric acid; Dissolve in non oxidizing acids to form divalent iron salts and hydrogen sulfide. HJ ferrous sulfide can co dissolve sulfur and iron in a high vacuum quartz sealed tube. The addition of sulfur elements used in steel smelting can improve cutting performance, cultivation effect, and graphite morphology, significantly improving the mechanical properties of gray cast iron materials.

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